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Wednesday, 16 December 2009


It’s my birthday today. I’ve had a good day overall – the swelling has gone down but still have the rash, it looks like I have a sun tan all over.

Charito bought be a new shaver, so I no longer have to have a wet shave. I can even take this one in the shower with me and save a little time in the mornings.

Had to do a little bit of work today, even though I had booked the day off, but it was for my benefit so I didn’t mind so much.

Went to the cinema to see 2012 if you haven’t seen it, its worth going although as usual you can guess the plot before it happens but quite a good film overall.

Came home and had an enormous steak dinner with pepper sauce. Very full afterwards.

Had lots of birthday wishes from Facebook, phone calls UK and Peru and lots of emails. Even though some of those I would of expected to remember forgot … you know who you are!!! mention no names but they are my children!!

So overall a good day – back at work tomorrow for a few days before finishing for Christmas on Friday. Yippeee.


  1. just thought i would let you know i didnt forget thank you :) i did send you a couple of texts and tried ringing 3 or 4 times but didnt answer your phone MR Tiernan!! i thought you were in work so didnt ring untill you would have been home just as i start work and tried again on my break so ner ner ner ner ner :op
    :) xxxx

  2. Glad you had a good birthday and went off to the cinema for a chill, hope you sort out your rash :) x