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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Word verification for comments

I have turned off the word verification when you add a comment to make it easier for you. If I start to get a lot of automated spam comments I might have to turn it back on.


  1. Turn it off Sean it didn't come up first 2 times but it did today so I will no to keep trying don't take the risk of spam mail. cj

  2. Did you get some sleep today? It takes a long time for medication to kick in and to get it all stablised with all it's side effects. Not pleasent is it. Hope your meals are good, I believe the Countess are. Your in the best place while they get it all together. Do you want any computer mags. I enjoy reading your journal you make it interesting and I am happy to read it if that is a good exspression to use when you are not feeling to good at present. Hope you get a good sleep tonight. Is the sweating one of the side effects? Don't reply to this I do go on. Your journal tells me all I want to know. Goodnight Sean xx