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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Should I podcast

Something I have been looking into is Podcasting. Rather than only writing about things here I’m going to have a go at creating a Podcast.

A podcast is like having your own personal radio station which you can listen to when you want. There are lots of podcast sites available with music, documentaries or even books read to you that you can download. You listen to them either on your computer or an mp3 player such as an iPod or mobile phone.

I’m going to have a go and see how it goes. I’d like to think that eventually I can get a regular one with people following it, so feel free to pass it on and let as many people as you know listen to it.

Some of the things I want to do is record some of you, yes YOU. It might not always be about Myeloma, it can be about anything. No doubt I will start with my Cancer and go over some of the things I already have done to get started.

I want to start promoting Cancer support (something maybe I should have been doing before getting Cancer). The Macmillan site is very good and I will be looking into getting a community together at some point.

Let me know your thoughts. Would you be interested. Do you have any ideas.


  1. I think pod casts would be an awsome idea id be glad to uh "try" and help you but my speaking skills a very questionable but id be quite happy to give it a go

  2. hay dad i agree with jim bob as u no my speaking skills are questionable but its a well good idea im all up for it

  3. I agree too. And.......(note the sentence starting starting with and) as you know, at times I can talk alot about nothing!!! But shoudn't the subject/s be about something you are interested in too? There'll be plenty of people up for it I'm sure.