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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Well Wishes from Work

I had a nice surprise, Bill and Carol (the ex mother and father in-law and grandparents to my children, a lovely couple) came around Friday night. Their daughter who works for me as part of the Ecommerce Team had passed on a gift to give me. She couldn’t come over herself as she has a cold and didn’t want to pass it on.

They had a collection at work for me, I got a lovely card with lots of well wishes, along with some books and DVDs to keep me busy as well as a WH Smiths voucher and some extra cash.

It made me feel a little guilty as i am going back to work on Monday, but I don’t think at this stage they all  know I have have Cancer, so I’m sure they wont want their presents back. (I hope! I will have to watch the DVDs and read all of the books over the weekend just in case he he ).