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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Second day of tablets (Friday)

Although this was the second day of taking the tablets (Friday, i’m a bit late writing this as it is now early Saturday morning, couldn’t sleep), it was the first day of taking them on my own at home. Everything went well .. nearly. I ended up taking one of the tablets I shouldn’t have. Nothing major though, it was one of the optional anti-sickness drugs (Ondansetron) that I should take on the same day as the Chemotherapy (Cyclophosomide). All it meant was that I wasn’t sick yesterday either!

On the Thursday at the hospital I injected myself at 12pm. I want to be able to do this prior to going to work rather than in the office, so I have to reduce the time by an hour each day. So today (Friday – I really must get around to writing these on the same day as it gets confusing), I injected at 11am.  Saturday it will be 10am and Sunday at 9am until eventually on Monday prior for leaving for work it will be at 8am.