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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Start of treatment - Nearly!

As mentioned in previous post, I had my appointment today. It was to sign the consent forms for the various bits of treatment that I will be having (CTD) and to be issued with all of my tablets and injections.

Cyclophosphamide (The C in the CTD)
Is the Chemotherapy

Thalidomide (The T in CTD)
Helps reduce the paraprotein

Dexamethasone (The D in CTD)
Again helps reduce the cancer.

As usual though, nothing goes to plan. The pharmacy had ran out of the Thalidomide tablets! The are very strict on the use of the Thalidomide tablets and only have a limited stock, although the Chief pharmacist was very apologetic.

Rather than go through all the tablets and injections without the Thalidomide, I agreed to go back in again tomorrow when they have the tablets back in stock. So I will go through all of the tablets and procedures for injecting myself tomorrow with a nurse called Dee.

It is a three week cycle of chemo and I have to go back every few weeks for blood test and then after each cycle of tablets to get the next batch of tablets and injection for the next cycle.