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Monday, 9 November 2009


I went to the dentist today for a check up. Part of the treatment I’m going to have is bisphosphonates which can cause problems with the Jawbone.

After seeing the Dentist today I need to have a couple of small fillings, but nothing that could cause problems later on. I was told by the dentist that the problem occurs with the jawbone when teeth need to be removed, fortunately I don’t need any removing.

So after having the check up and the having a couple of X-Rays done (required because of the myeloma), I was charged £45. This had me wondering if I actually needed the extra X-Rays (if I didn’t have myeloma) or was I charged the extra because I needed the work done purely because I was going to take bisphophonates. Which then means I was charged because I have Cancer! Some how that doesn’t seem quite right, not that I mind paying, it is the principle.

So an appointment has been made for 3 December to have my fillings done, providing that I am feeling OK. I hope I will be …. I want my monies worth :-)