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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Temperature back down

Its gone down again, lets see what the next one brings.


  1. Well lets hope your temperature stays down this time, it must be horrible to be stuck there, hospitals are always a bit boring. Hope Maria is coping okay too. As per CJ, I read this every day too, don't have alot to say on it but thoughts are there. You are writing an essay in that darn hospital, I'm surprised they haven't caught you with your phone yet you rebel, I had to keep mine on silent and hidden in the bed covers or has that all changed now? Anyway take care, hope your out soon and back home.xx Anna and Rach

  2. up down up down you are starting to sound like a yoyo take care bro

  3. Hello you. Im so sorry Ive only just read all your notes. Where are you now??? hospital or home I will come and visit. :-( sorry been a crap friend in not reading this. Hope your feeling better. Big hugs
    Love to you both
    Karen xxx

  4. lets hope it stays dowen this time. wish i could come and visit u tho love ste