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Friday, 23 December 2011

VLOG–Christmas Hair Growth

Another VLOG for you this time full of Christmas Cheer.

Happy Christmas Everyone Smile


  1. You r soooooo funny glad to see u back to your funny self I love your vids keep them up there ace love u mate xxx

  2. great vid, shame you still not mastered the make up and wig after all these years, keep up the fight, hope both of you have a lovely Christmas.

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  4. HAHA! Thanks for the laugh. Tim is also one of those men with long eyelashes who used to get comments from the girls about it. I was just talking to a man who works in a cell phone store and he has a friend who is so hairy, he has his cell phone play the song "Werewolves of London" when this friend calls him. It occurs to me that may be very appropriate for you if the cyclosporine keeps you "furring up."
    P.S. Just FYI, redheads are feisty, just ask Tim!

  5. it's true the girls did go on about your eyelashes great vid bro