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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Chester Hospital

Well I'm still at Chester hospital, which I don't mind. I would only be waiting at Liverpool to see the doctors on Monday. I didn't have a high temperature yesterday, but I still have the diarrhea. As for sleeping I didn't get much last night the rash on my hands and legs were very itchy, the top of my legs more than anything.

The itchiness seems to wear of during the day and come back in the evening along with the temperature.

I hope when I get to Liverpool that my stay is only short!


  1. Thanks for keeping the updates coming through the weekend, Sean. I was able to start my chemo last Thursday - almost by accident. I hope to use your diligence as a motivation to post an update of my own on Multiple Myeloma My Way.

    You sound like you're managing all right. I wish you all the best and will keep you in my thoughts, so please keep updating!
    - Mark

  2. I am intending your stay at LIverpool is short because they are determining quickly and effectively what to do to get you back on track and you are feeling better and better every day from now on, for the highest and best good of all concerned, so be it and SO IT IS!!!! whooooooooo!