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Saturday, 24 December 2011


If you was to interview a butterfly standing on a branch of a Sequoia tree…

Now a butterfly lives for only a few days, but a Sequoia tree can for over a thousand years.

If you was to ask the butterfly

Do you perceive the object upon which you are standing as being alive?

The butterfly would say:

Of course not! I’ve lived here all of my life, which is all of five days and it hasn’t done a thing

Well it’s the same problem with the human being.

If you was to ask a person, perhaps someone who has lived for over a hundred years..

Do they perceive the earth, which is really five billion years old, as being alive?

They would say..

Of course not! I’ve lived here my whole life and it hasn’t done a thing!

Kinobe – Lucidity

I love this.


  1. very interesting to ponder, sean! i wish you and charito a very happy christmas, filled with good cheer and all the comforts of being home for the holidays.


  2. Good to see someone else listens to Kinobe! A classic track, Lucidity.

  3. I've added a link so others can enjoy it.