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Sunday, 25 December 2011


Just my luck, every cracker I pulled today I lost at. ;-)

Happy Christmas everyone.

Heres to a the coming new year and seeing what challenges it brings.

I've eaten far too much already, but I'm sue I can squeeze a mince pie or a chocolate or twenty in later on.

I got a new keyboard for my tablet, which I'm trying out now, so it will make it much easier to blog on the move - e.g.. When in hospital and I'm waiting around. Thanks Amy for the present it's great.

Love to everyone who follows the blog and Happy Christmas from myself and Charito.


  1. Merry Christmas Sean and Charito and I'll keep my Intending Machine on high for the new year so we can see if we can turn things around and get you and Paula back on the healthy track... hugs from Sandy

  2. merry christmas to you and your bride, sean. ah, a new keyboard - a great new toy! we had crackers with our son, his wife, and our grandchildren for the first time - great fun, and we all were made merry donning the crepe paper crowns and chuckling at ourselves. great tradition from across the pond - we'll have them every year from now on. here's an idea - since they are probably on sale post christmas, buy a whole box and have them all to yourself! hugs, karen

  3. Similar luck with crackers here too. Table nicely set, decorated, soup in bowls ready etc, first cracker and the silly cracker gift flies out round the table and breaks the wine glasses right over the soup, well, Simon's soup!!!! Hope you both had a lovely day.