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Monday, 4 July 2011

Velcade Neuropathy

I was supposed to have my Velcade today, but the last few days have been very painful for me. Although I’ve had slight Neuropathy side effects in the past, yesterday was the worst. I spent almost all of yesterday in bed.

Every time I stood up it felt as though my legs were going to collapse and snap from under me. From my hips to the the tips of my toes were aching and I just couldn’t get comfortable to rest without being in pain. I tried rubbing my legs and feet, but that didn’t help. Walking to the the bathroom put me into tears and I had to build up enough courage each time to make the journey back to bed.

Charito helped me down the stairs at one point, as I was in so much pain in bed. She wanted to call the hospital, but I knew there was nothing they could do. After a while of sitting in the same position and taking lots of pain killers I managed to get some rest.

I took more pain killers before going to bed and although it had eased off this morning and I managed to get into the shower (getting out was more of a struggle and took me quite a while and a long rest).

I got to the hospital and had full blood counts taken, which came back with low Neutrophils, but the rest were ok(ish). After discussing the pain with the doctors though, it was decided that I shouldn’t have the Velcade today, but wait until Thursday, which is when I’m due my next one. They just want to make sure that it does reduce and it doesn’t cause any long term pain issues.

If I need to they will add another dose on the end – but that is still to be decided.