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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Blood counts

I had an appointment today at Chester hospital, it was just for a blood test to make sure everything was going ok.

My Haemoglobin was 8.4 which is just on the border line of needing a blood transfusion. I didn’t have one, as I feel OK, well tired, but not that tired to feel the need for blood.

Platelets are still doing ok at 89 although lower than last time. Neutrophils are still a problem being only 1.3, but it is normally low at the end of the three week cycle. Hopefully they will start to climb back up again as this would normally be the week off if I was starting a cycle 7.

We are waiting to see how things this week go and then deciding on what we will do in the interim while I wait until September for my transplant. Dr Lee might put me on something else, rather than the velcade as it it causing so much pain in my legs each time I have it causing Neuropathy. I will be discussing it with him next Wednesday, which is when I have my next appointment with him.

At the moment though it looks like I’m on the right tracks.

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