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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Out of hospital

I’ve been out of hospital since Wednesday, sorry just not got around to writing on the blog.

The shingles have dried up and scabs have started to fall off, not pretty I know. The so called Chicken Pox that was never confirmed have cleared up and you wouldn’t really know I had them. After the swab results came back, one confirmed it was shingles (which we knew) and the other was inconclusive. I kept getting told it was impossible to have shingles and chicken pox at the same time, but it did look as though that was the case. Trust me to be unusual.

I moved rooms for the last few days I was in hospital, this one had a shower of it’s own, which was much better, although it was over the other side of the ward and they treated me a bit like a leper because of the shingles, even though I kept telling them I was no longer at risk as the doctors had confirmed that they were no longer infectious and they were only keeping me in the extra few days to make sure I was ok on the tablets as they had taken me off of the drip.

I has some good news while I was in hospital for a change and a bit of a shock as well. I was told that my PAD treatment was working really well and my bloods had normalised (I need to clarify what he meant by that) and they are going to refer me back to Liverpool for another transplant, this time though with donor stem cells.

Although this prolongs my treatment until I can have some kind of normality I think it will be worth it to try and gain some extra years. I was asked about my siblings for donor stem cells and will arrange for them to be tested for a match. I’m not sure what the process is for matching stem cells and if that involves having the bone marrow biopsy as well as usual blood test. I will have to ask at my next appointment, which isn’t until Wednesday. We have decided to hold off the next PAD cycle until after the bank holidays. It will give my body a bit of time to recover and we will then have the necessary number of working days in the week to start and stop the doxorubicin.

for those that are wondering how my Grandson is, he is now walking ok although they still don’t know whey he had the seizure in the first place, they have put the walking problem down to the Chicken Pox he had.


  1. Look at you jumping in with both feet. I'm still preparing my list of questions! Glad you're home. :D

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  3. May be they can save money and put the pair of you in bunk beds. ;-)

  4. glad to hear your feeling better and you deserve the good news, but i would only get the stem cells from lou, there is a small chance you could inherit some of the boys bad points :-)

  5. Glad to hear the good news. Testing siblings is not difficult at all. They can run your HLA tests through bloodwork and the initial HLA
    matching that they do with siblings here, involves nothing more than swabbing the inside of their cheek with a special Q-tip and mailing it back to a lab. If they don't do it that way, a simple blood test is all that is needed.

  6. Hyah so good news that you've normalised then--what does that entail? That you're not mad anymore lol:) Anyway just thought I'd check in as usual, wish you well and tell you that Rach is doing something for charity this year as she has done many times before, but I'll let her tell you herself, she often checks on here, take care all. Anna :)

  7. The relative who got donor stem cells from a sibling is doing quite well, and that may be a good route for you - I intend it! Glad you have had some time out of the hospital and that the shingle/cpox is passing... you've been down a tough and rocky road and let's hope it is paved from here on!

  8. id ask for that to be put on paper lol my dad normal naaaaa lol glad your out now

  9. Great Blog Sean. You have the same look as mine. All the best in your treaatments. I'm just out of my second BMT. Check out my Blog. I will put yours on my Blog roll.

    Keep Fighting


  10. James Tiernan9 May 2011 at 21:11

    Just to let those followers know, my dad (Sean) in keeping with his campaign is Not Dead Yet. He's just not too well at the moment, still suffering with the shingles pain, constant tiredness, and loss of appetite completely he finds it hard to eat a single piece of toast! So sitting at the computer typing is out of the question. I cant blog for him so this is the best I can do to ease those worriers minds (if they think to look here).

    I can tell you inaccurately (from memory) his blood results today though.

    Haemoglobin count was 11.something.
    Platelets were 98
    and Neutrophils were 6.something.

  11. Thanks Jim. Was wondering. Send my regards. Anna.

  12. Thanks, James, for posting as I was thinking about Sean today and wondering... still intending for and with him that he is beginning a turn-around and feeling better. Please let him know that he is not forgotten!