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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I love drugs

Misty Morning

I’m feeling a lot better today thanks to some new pain killers. I went for my Velcade on Monday and explained to the doctor how painful it was over the weekend. He examined the shingles and was pleased at how effective the antibiotics have worked, as the shingles had already to started to scab over (apparently that’s good). My blood results came back ok, although they had dropped from last week it was to be expected, but still ok for my Velcade. If the Valaciclovir (antibiotics) hadn’t worked, they were going to keep me in to give me another antibiotics through my hickman, but as it is there working ok. To be honest I wouldn’t have minded staying in hospital, which is not like me! I’ve felt so bad and in pain that I just wanted to try and sleep it off and get someone else to look after me.

After I had explained the amount of pain that I was in he debated for a while and then decided to give me a combination of things. He said to continue taking the Paracetamol (mmm sweeties) and he gave me some Codeine Phosphate as well as another drug that is used for epilepsy, Pregabalin (Lyrica). I don’t have epilepsy, its used because Shingles effects the Nervous system, hence why so painful and the Pregabalin effectively turns  off the signals from the nerve endings that sends the message to the brain that says ‘ scream this hurts’ .

It still stings to the the touch and having clothes rub against it, but it is nowhere near as painful and the pain now is just a dull ache (until the drugs wear off). I have to be careful though as the mixture of drugs could make me drowsy. I’m glad it says drowsy and dopy, as nobody would notice if I looked a bit dopey! So if you see me driving down the road, run! just in case I fall asleep at the wheel.


  1. Thanks for the warning at least we'll be able to see you since your car's not going to blend in! ;D

  2. Glad you are feeling a bit better. EZ is on Lyrica pretty much full time to help with the nerve pain he experiences in his legs. Be sure to stay off the road!