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Friday, 15 April 2011

Stuck in hospital.

I came into hospital yesterday for my velcade but ended up being admitted. As usual i have to be different, i have come out in spots over my face and body that look like chicken pox. Now the question is, can you have chicken pox and shingles at the same time!

There seems to be a debate going on as to if that is possible and swabs  have been taken along with various bloods and sent over to Manchester. I have had a person from infectios diseases come and see me who has spoken to another specialist who says it isn't. So i will just have to wait and see what the results come back and show in the next few days.

In the meantime i have been admitted into a side ward with a big yellow sign telling people i am diseased! Im  having anti virul and antibiotics administered via drip.

I will probably be in till next wed but could be out earlier.

I already have a few stories to tell about being on the ward overnight, but i will write about those later once i can get to a proper computer to type on rather than my phone.


  1. Oh Sean...what a mess! So sorry you are in the hospital again. Praying you will go home soon and have a very long streak of good things in your life!

  2. Did you get a bell as well'Unclean, unclean'? ;D

  3. UGH so sorry to read of this. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from across the pond.