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Sunday, 17 April 2011

A bit better but

Im feeling a bit better today, I managed to get some sleep from about 1:30am till 5:45am.

I've not taken my pregabulin (lyrica) today. I've been finding it difficult to go for a wee over the last 24 hours and after doing some self diagnosis put it down to the pregabulin as it seems to be a common side effect. So Im going to see how i cope with the pain without it.

My blood count was low yesterday so Im supposed to be having some blood today, but not sure when. My plates are 30 which is ok but my neutrophils are low at 0.6.


  1. Oh you poor thing... those blotches look terribly painful. I had no idea shingles could be so dreadful and you have had a bout. I am sending you intentions and healing thoughts from the jungle... wish I could send you some of the psychotropic 'meds' they offer at some of the ceremonies as they would at least take your mind off what you are dealing with right now!

  2. Oh its very bad take care man.....

    Smith Alan