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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Oops & New Start

20110401_0049_Square After getting told off for my last blog post (see comments), I thought I should write something today!

I am still here and NDY – I still have the pain in my Chest, but it isn’t as bad. I’ve had a phone call on Friday to tell me that I have an appointment for my CT scan on Monday at 6pm. That means that I will go the hospital tomorrow for my Velcade and Doxorubicin as well have my blood test and any bloods and Platelets that I need prior to starting cycle three. All of that depends on the results of my blood count and if my Neutrophils are high enough to start, if not they will postpone another week while my body recovers (hopefully). So tomorrow will be a very long day at the hospital if I have to have everything done tomorrow, with a start at 9am and not finishing to at least 6:30pm/7pm. I should get a couple of hours prior to the CT scan, but it wont be worth going home, only to travel back!

I’ve been busy this week working on my Photography Business – Yes I’m starting a business as I’m NDY. They website is now officially live, although I’m still working on it when I can to add more images and the ability to buy online will be added soon, so you can buy any of the photos I have taken in various formats, such as Gallery Framed Prints or Canvas as well as other types. I will also be adding package prices for studio photo shoots and as well as commissioning prints unique to you. For example if you send me a photo of your decor where you want the photo to be I will take some photos of flowers that would match in with your decor or use your favourite flower and match it in. I also have a few other ideas that will be added when I can. If you have an idea or something that you have always wanted, just let me know and I will see what I can do. The web address is easy to remember if you know my full name, its 

With starting the business I obviously can’t do as much as I want at the moment with having to go the hospital most of the time during the week and not knowing what days I’m going to be at home or at the hospital but I’m not letting that stop me. At the moment I’m only doing the Portrait shoots at the weekends or I know for definite that I’m not at the hospital. On the other days I’m doing as much as I can when I can. Hence the reason I haven’t written much this week and I apologise to anyone that was worried about my last post and then not writing anything since.

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