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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Bad few weeks

Well after my last post a few weeks ago I have been quite ill, not just with the pain from the shingle but also with a bad case of sickness. Were not too sure why I’ve been bad, the doctors and I think I may have caught a bug on one of the weeks when my Neutrophils were 0.6 I have lost a bit of weight and was at the point where I couldn’t take any of my tablets, because as soon as I drank the water to take tablet I would be sick. I got very dehydrated and was totally exhausted.

I had to get James to ring the hospital up for advice and they told me to go in, which I knew they would. So thanks to my good friends next door Chris and Jodie for taking me into hospital at short notice in the evening.

I’m still not 100% as I don’t have my appetite back and I still have a bad stomach when I eat anything, but at least I’m not being sick.

I can’t remember the last time I felt OK – The pain from the shingles is still very bad and I’m having to take pain killers every four hours to help me get through the day.

One annoying thing on the day of leaving the hospital is the process the go through once you are told by the doctor you are going home. Now this time I was told I could go home at about 12pm, which happened to be around the time I was due some more pain killers. Before you go home all of the tablets that I brought in with me are taken out of the locked cabinet from the wall (which I don’t have access to unless I ask) and sent down to the pharmacist which are then checked that I have enough to home with and provided with any other medication I’ve been prescribed with before they are sent back to the ward and given back to me so that I can go home. Now I don’t mind having processes in place, but I do mind when they don’t consider the patients needs! I didn’t get the medication back until gone 2pm and by this time I was in agony with my side, not just from the pain of the bad stomach that I was in but with the shingles pain which stops me from even sitting comfortably in a chair (hence the reason why I haven’t blogged or used the computer for a few weeks). As soon as I got them back I took the pills like a drug addict needing his next fix (I stopped taking some of  the pills a while ago and now mix the combination so I don’t get addicted).

It always feel great to come out of hospital,  I hate being in hospital, not just for the fact that I can never sleep but I know that one day I will probably be going in and not coming out, at least not coming out and being able to use my NDY pledge!

Thanks to everyone again for their concern and for the email and text messages etc that I got. I promise I will try to write write more often and force myself to  GET OFF MY LAZY ASS - as Becky said in her text message to me Smile


  1. Well, I - for one - am glad to hear you are feeling more like sitting up and perhaps tomorrow is the day to GOYLA for a short walk - maybe just down to the refrigerator and back...

  2. Hello Sean, So glad your out of hospital now . Your right about the discharge process . Its so frustating waiting once you have been told you can go , even more so when your sitting in agony . All the best Sean , sending you big hugs.

    Sarah (Ward 60)

  3. Glad your home again. My shingles have cleared up. I'm not intending on copying the sickness though! :D

  4. So sorry to hear you're feeling so poorly. Hope that it all clears away VERY soon. My hubby's great aunt had a bad case of shingles that looked like yours. The good news is she was not left with lingering pain even though it was BAD while she had the rash. Sending prayers your way.

  5. Glad your out of Hospital and able to let us know how you are. You have had a real tough time hope it all clears up very quickly. Do you remember our friends Jim and Kath Winstanly from Stockport. They were asking about you and send there reguards. We send our love to you and hope that your shingles and the affects from them clears up real soon. xx Carol J

  6. Well, you do realise that's not the way to go about losing weight in the long run, you know you can seek for help that don't you? And as for the lazy ass syndrome, you may be able to get help for that too :) :) Seriously though, I feel your pain with the shingles business, it's awful and probably much worse for you with you already going through other pain and tiredness. Feel for you. Glad you were able to blog for a bit though. Do get plenty of rest. I wonder whether there is anything you can look into therapeutically to ease the nerve ending pain until it calms down more, holistic or something, thinking of you anyway, hope the sickness bouts have started to disppear now too. Keep us all informed when you're up to it. Anna. xx Send my love to Maria too. xxxx