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Monday, 23 May 2011

Going to try

I’m going to try and get back into my blogging as I have neglected it over the last few weeks with being in so much pain.

I still can’t believe how painful the shingles has been, although over the last few weeks it has been coupled with a very back stomach, with a short stay in hospital.

I’m still not eating properly and spend most of my time stuck in the chair as it is so painful to move, even though I have taken lots of different pain killers. I’m beginning to wonder if the pain killers are making me worse. I know that they give me a bad stomach and I’m having to take movicol to help me go to the loo and it doesn’t help that the shingles have screwed up my feeling/nerves in my stomach which makes it even hard to go to the loo properly.

So I'm going to start pushing myself more and more to put up with the pain at the computer so that I can blog and get a little more done, rather than vegetate in my comfy chair.

I have a few things to blog about, so I will write a a couple of short post to catch up rather than one big long one Smile


  1. Good looking forward to reading on :)

  2. Great to hear from you, as someone else blogged recently, if we don't hear from you we think NDY has failed. :-)

  3. Good for you, Sean. I know that for me, creating / maintaining a bog/website ( to my MM has been very beneficial, and has lelped push my learn about this thing. Keep going!