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Monday, 23 May 2011

Time to start matching

whilst I was in hospital last time, my brother Nigel came over to see me. It was great to see him and I started getting upset as it was a nice surprise to wake up and find him in my room. It’s been a while since I got to speak to him and I’m not sure if it was because I was ill or the medication I was on, but probably just because I’m a soppy git that I got upset. It was great to catch up and as usual we had a good laugh, which hurt at times because of my side, but it was worth it!

Nigel had come across from Barnsley so that he could have a blood test done to see if he would be a match for my stem cell transplant. I don’t know the results yet as I need to get mine done at the same time as Nicks. (which I need to arrange with him). Hopefully this week.

I’ve had another PAD cycle which for some reason this one made me feel quite ill and I had to take a few anti sickness tablets of different kinds over a longer period to stop me vomiting. I’ve had a few days break and will start again on the next cycle a week today.

I have an appointment on Wednesday with Dr Lee to get an update of how everything is going.

Last Friday I had a blood test but didn’t need any blood or platelets, which surprised me as I have been very tired; although that could just be with being worn out after being ill.

I also had my pentamidine Friday which was as yucky as ever and left me with a very dry sore throat throughout the night.

hopefully that has brought things up to date and I will try and blog soon.

Keep Smiling Open-mouthed smile NDY


  1. Would you like me to test for a match too? Although I'm not related, I'm weird like you, so it may be in the blood? :) Seriously though, if you don't find one, I'd be happy to give it a try, and Rachel offered months ago, she knows what it entails, and has reminded me again too. I know they look to family first but it may be worth it. Let me know if you wish to consider. Glad to read the updates take care, xx