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Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Had a couple of hours sleep last night. I can't sleep properly in someone else bed when im perfectly Ok,so i don't have much chance of a good nights sleep at the moment.

I went back on my dexamethasone yesterday as it was day eight of my regime. Taking 20 dex a day (40Mg) is going to have me running around at silly times. I've already started crying for silly reasons , i was like this when i was on the dex last time.

So if you meet me and i burst into tears, don't worry it isn't something you said its just the meds.  :-)


  1. Just tell everyone 'its my party and ill cry if i want to!' Saw your pic of your arm..nasty! although i bet the popeye look could have been a hit with the ladies ;)Glad someone with some common sense and skills is now looking after you there :) Hope you get out soon though Lots a love, Ness and Co xxxxxx

  2. Toxic eh--so it's glow in the dark Sean against a banana yellow car, hmmmm nice! Hope you're allowed home soon and manage to sleep better. Anna. :)

  3. Sorry to hear your back in hospital Sean, realised I hadn't seen you in work so thought I'd check how you're doing on here. Just wanted to let you know you're in our thoughts and Global isnt the same without you. Stay strong and hopefully you'll be feeling better soon. Becks x

  4. Hey Sean, I just heard from Maria you are out of Hospital. Really great News., We are hoping you are well enough for our wedding. We are targeting 1st 2 weeks of May at the moment. Hope you can do the photos???

    All the best Chris