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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

hooray back home

I got home today at about 4:40pm. bought a film and some fish and chips and pigged out watching TV.

I have to go back to the Hospital tomorrow for my Velcade appointment tomorrow but at least I get chance of sleep and a proper shower.

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  1. Ah Fish and Chips a good movie and your own bed. Isn't it amazing that somehow the simple things can give the greatest pleasure? I was discussing good old fish and chips with Maria Pilar last night. She enjoys too. I'm doing F&C tonight with my son with movie too.

    We hope the treatment isn't making you feel too bad apart from the Dex?

    Maria Pilar is complaining she hasn't any emails from Charito recently. I heard she is studying for the life in the UK test?

    Hang loose