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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Moved wards

I was moved early this morning at about 2:30am to ward 50. this is the ward i wanted to be on which all of the haematology patients are on and the team who look after me are next door and do the rounds on here.


  1. Well hopefully thing will get a little bit better for you?
    I will give you a ring when you get home.


  2. What a time to move...2:30am?? Glad you are closer to those who are in the know!

  3. im glad you are somewher that makes you fel a bit happier its the little things that help . And all call you and let you know about the new job i mite have it will make you laff.


  4. glad your in safer hands and a lot happier for it. C J

  5. I'd never been on the blood ward at the Royal but felt better from a medical viewpoint when I moved up onto it because at least everyone knows what's going on and what myeloma is! :D