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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Platelets – air in pump

Arrived at the hospital a bit later today at 10am rather than the usual 9am. When I took the pump off and put it on the table, James noticed quite a big air bubble in the line. We pointed it out to the nurse which then started a bit of investigation as to why and how it got there and how they were going to clear it. The pump has an air detection system built in that will set the alram off and it was set to high. The concern was that the air may reach my heart and cause problems (possible death). As it was near the begging of the pump I was also worried about it occurring during the night without me knowing. So we had to get to the bottom of it. After talking to various people from pharmacy who set it up and to more experienced nurses etc we finally got it sorted with an answer I was happy to go with, rather than have to worry all night watching the pump.  The air was drained out just in case (after a bit of confusion how to do it) the amount of air in the tube was minimum when compared to a usual line that they put in, so although it looked like quite a bit at 6cm the thickness of line was very thin and didn’t really amount to that much air that could cause a problem. So all is well now.

1502_platelets_james_0011By the time the platelets arrived it coincided with the fixing of the pump; I though I would have a short day in the hospital today, but I ended up leaving at about 2pm. I get tomorrow off from the hospital and back in again on Thursday to have more velcade and have my pump disconnected. They will also do a complete blood count to see if I need more blood or platelets. Having low platelets has caused bruising in different place over my body and I have large red spots coming out as well. James has taken a picture of my knee cap with a couple of bruises on it. We both agree that it looks a bit like a face, just missing the outline of the nose and mouth.


On another point, just to prove that James can do something else besides play on the X-Box and the computer. He has started to read a book! Yes I know unbelievable. He has been reading it in the hospital while waiting with me and at home.



  1. the growth on your face Jim looks quite good but please don't let it grow any thicker or longer it wouldn't suit (that is my opinion)what you choose is up to you but as it is it's not too bad. what does your mum think? or your Dad. What are you reading? Nan

    Glad the pump was sorted out Sean a worry indeed at first

  2. Sean, I am praying for you. I had a stem cell transplant 6 months ago, and so far, so good for me, but your current situation is impacting my thoughts on recovery. I think of you often, and hope and pray your "pump" and chemo start a new recovery for you.