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Monday, 28 February 2011

New Friends

I’ve mentioned before how it’s good to make new friends on here that are going through similar things as me. This week I’ve been in touch with a couple of people. The first is Walter which I have mentioned in a previous blog post. Now I had no idea who Walter was or where in the world he was or indeed anything about him, apart from the message in the comments.

From the name I assumed that he would be an older guy as it doesn’t seem to be a young persons name and I’ve since found out that Walter is 64 years young. Walter is an amazing guy and an inspiration. Not only does he have Myeloma and had a Stem Cell Transplant but amazingly Walter will be running in the Boston Marathon and has run in 10 previous marathons! All I can say is WOW somedays I think I will struggle to get up the stairs and there is Walter brushing the disease aside and getting on with his life and making a difference to others by getting support for Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. I will leave it up to you Walter to post a link to your support page if you wish, I haven’t posted it here in light of our email conversation! (that sounds a bit cryptic doesn’t it lol).

Another person that has left a few messages in the past and I received a nice long email from today is Becky. I’m waiting to hear back from Becky with a link to her blog to let you know all about her, but from the email I’m sure I will be posting a few comments. Becky sounds like a like minded person…. when I say like minded, she seems to have the same sense of humour and isn’t afraid to tell people what she thinks when asked … Just like me :D   Always best to be honest I think. … Don’t ask me ‘Does my bum look big in this’ as I will probably tell you … oh yes it huge you fat cow, lose some weight! ;)

After my post about my experience in the hospital and being stuck in different wards, Becky emailed me to tell me about her similar experience. Honestly the similarities are uncanny .. doctors not knowing what to do … being moved from room to room being stuck with lots of needles by people who shouldn’t be allowed sharp objects in case they hurt themselves.  Unlike Walter, Becky is in the UK I think Birmingham from her telephone number, but I have yet to speak to her.  When I can I would like to meet some of the people that read the blog after this lot of treatment I’m going to make it my goal to visit as many as I can – So Becky expect me to turn up at your door one day and say ‘SURPRISE’ put the kettle on .. or rather get your hubby to put the kettle on ;) us myeloma patients have to rest you know.


  1. Hi Sean - your comment about the name Walter is very apropos. There are no Walter's under the age of 50! And here is my link to my MMRF page, which has a brief Walter bio and my picture.
    And my email address is:
    I feel very fortunate that I am sustaining a positive recovery - so I may as well take advantage of it while I can. As it reads in my profile, running (and finishing) the Boston Marathon is my way of showing people that any contributions of caregiving or money does have positive results for MM patients now and in the future as we work towards a cure. As I have learned, particularly from the blogs I read, there are different levels of recovery. By the way, one of the most significant events that occurred to me was: Just prior to my stem cell transplant, I met 2 older women who also had undergone transplants 3 years ago, and they were looking and acting and feeling great! This gave me great hope that I might feel "normal" after my transplant. Gotta go now for a 4 mile training run!

  2. Sean -- MM is a sort of glue that binds many of us together, but I am certain that we would all wish we had met for another reason - still I am glad to have made so many friends through this challenge.

    I believe in the healing power of prayer and intention, and that is what I do for my 'cheerleading' efforts. I think I might have mentioned that I have a relative with MM so that is how I got connected.

    so, I am intending that when you read this you are feeling better and that your good cells are fighting hard to quash the MM cells and this IS for the highest and best good of all concerned. So be it and SO IT IS....whoooooo. Amen