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Monday, 21 February 2011

In hospital

Well been busy all week at the hospital daily apart from Wednesday. I've had numerous platelets and blood along with my first doxorubicin over a four day period. James has spent a boring week of his holiday with me waiting in the hospital, but put up with it well.

Friday i had the doxorubicin line and pump removed from the picc line line had it cleaned. All looked well.

I've been teaching James about the photography and arranged a photoshoot on the Saturday, my arm was sore a bit Friday night but thought that was just because of the cleaning. By the Saturday night the top of my arm was swollen and sore. I called the hospital to get advice and they advised i go to accident and emergency to get it checked.

To cut it short I've been in hospital since Saturday and had the picc line removed as it is infected and on antibiotics.  Im full of holes where they have drawn blood etc.

Hopefully home today.


  1. Oh my, so sorry to read about your infection and return to the hospital. Nothing seems to go according to plan does it? Hopefully home today for you! We were in the hospital Monday-Wednesday and that was quite long enough!

  2. Look I just can't let you do anything on your own and after refusing to take dex will now be joining you on the Doxorubicin with Velcade. Having caught up with your blog now I think - ugghhh picc line! And I too am A negative! Hope you're out quickly. xx