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Friday, 25 June 2010

Doctors costs

I’m really annoyed! I have just been to my local doctor to pick up an insurance document that I needed signing so that I can reduce my outgoings and they have told me it is going to cost £10. I dropped the document off over a week and half ago and it has taken this long to get them to sign it and now they are wanting paying.

I think it is ridiculous that Cancer patients who are trying to reduce their outgoing costs have to pay the very people who are supposed to be looking after your welfare an amount for their signature. Sure this should be considered part of the service that we already pay for and not something that Doctors can make some extra money out of particularly for those who may be dying of cancer!

Unfortunately for them I didn’t have my wallet with me, so they gave me the document and said to pay the money the next time I am in or passing by.

The person I needed to speak to about it wasn’t there, but I will definitely be having a word with someone the next time I go. I did try to complain to the receptionist, but she was only standing in for the person that was away.

I supposed I should be thankful that it is actually signed I they gave it to me without paying the amount, although I would have like to have seen them try and get rid of me without giving me the document ;-)


  1. You could write to the local paper and see what happens.


  2. SI son unos estupidos tarados , como va a cobrar a una persona q tiene cancer son muy ridiculos o es posible q allan entendido malm bueno my love Don't worry DIOS siempre esta con
    nosotros y nos va ayudar siempre si en todo yo
    se q DIOS nos da muchas pruebas y muy fuerte ,
    pero toda la vamos a pasar my love , tenemosq tener mucha FE my amor .
    I love you lots forever. CHARITO.