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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Second session of marrow extraction

Turned up at 9am at Liverpool for my second session to extract my bone marrow. The first machine they tried to set me up on wouldn’t work, so after about half an hour I was put on the other one. This one worked ok and the extraction process went ok. I was told that they got 1% marrow from my blood yesterday, which was apparently what was expected. The target is to collect 4% which means that they would have to collect at least 3% today (isn’t my maths good!). If there wasn’t enough today, I would have to come back tomorrow for another session and have more injections today.

I had to wait until my extraction was complete and then for everything to be sent to be analysed before I would know if there was enough. After finishing on the machine, after about three and half hours, they left the line in on my right hand, just in case. I had to wait for another hour for the results to come back. If I needed another session, they would inject me again with the G-Factor and if not, they would remove the line from my hand.

While waiting I had a drink and some biscuits to help me get back to normal (I don’t think they know me that well if they thought I was going to be normal!)

Finally I got the answer I was hoping for and I don’t have to go in again tomorrow. There was plenty of bone marrow this time and it all went well.

I’ve been give a couple of containers to wee into for next time. They have to measure something in the urine over a twenty four hour period. It’s the same test I had in the early stages. They have also arranged for several more blood test for the next time I am there. I have to wait for an appointment to come through the post, which will be about 3-5 weeks. During this waiting time my body can get back to normal (there’s that word again) and get a big stronger for the next stage.

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  1. glad its all gone well dad and you didnt have to go back too many times :) xxxxxxx