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Monday, 21 June 2010

MyelomaUK sponsored head shave

Chris and Jodie Sanderson of CJS Couriers (who also happen to be my next door neighbours) managed to get sponsorship from their customers and friends over £200 pounds.

My brother Nigel and Tony Duffy also got involved and are donating another £100, so in total we received over £300 that is being given to MyelomaUK to help towards finding a cure for Myeloma.

We had a few friends around and as the weather was good we decided to cut their hair in the garden. Tony had shaved his the day before so it was now time for Chris and Nigel.

So thanks again everyone for getting involved and for all those that have sponsored the guys. Enjoy the photos below.

I have only added a few of the pics and of a small size, if anyone wants larger ones I have them. If the others want to send me their pics I can do another post of them – thanks.

The Cut


IMG_7816 IMG_7821
IMG_7823 IMG_7831
IMG_7837 IMG_7846


 IMG_7858 IMG_7865

IMG_7872 IMG_7880

The Close Shave


 IMG_7932  IMG_7947

All done..





All four of us together…





  1. well you all look good. Well done cj

  2. lookin good lol glad you got quite a bit for the charity :) xxxxx

  3. I have a matching chrome dome at the moment. I'm seven weeks post SCT which I had at the Royal. The staff on the unit are fantastic. I did have the opportunity for a two night stay prior to going in for the transplant as my stems cells didn't like just the Neupogen and insisted on getting the newer Plerixafor, so I knew what to expect room wise. You even get a tea tray! Very best wishes.