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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Pentamidine Day

IMG_8051 It was my monthly trip to Chester Hospital for my Pentamidine today.  I have to go in the afternoon when nobody is around so that others can avoid breathing the fumes in. They set the nebuliser up for me in the usual little room that they shut me  away in, but I couldn’t get started straight away as there was a problem with the extraction system.

The nebuliser attaches to an extraction system on the wall which has a  valve that should raise a red indicator when to a certain level when working correctly, unfortunately it wasn’t. After a bit of running around (the nurse not me) and a few phone calls later, I was told that someone would have to come and look at it, to see if it could be repaired. I could have come home and gone back again another day, but I said I would wait a bit to see if someone turns up. I sat down in the waiting area expecting to have to wait quite a while. To my surprise someone turned up within 2 minutes! Although it wasn’t working properly, it was extracting enough for me to use it. So it was sorted quite quickly and had the Ventolin, the first bit of the process to open up the airways. That takes about 5-10 minutes.

After the Ventolin I have the Pentamidine, which is the really yucky stuff and my throat gets really sore and dry. I can drink water while on the machine but it still makes my throat feel like sand paper.

I have been drinking plenty of water and sucking mints as that seems to help. The taste and the dry throat normally stays with me for about 5 hours, but eventually wears off. At least it is better than getting Pneumonia, which this process will prevent (hopefully).