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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Steven – Wasps – Sickness

Steve came around to the house yesterday, rather than Monday this week. We took a number of photos during the day but decided the best ones were of a dead wasp, so if you are a bit squeamish, look away now!


IMG_4762 IMG_4699


The rest of the day seemed to go ok, Charito got home early evening and made us a meal and then we watched a film - ‘The men who stared at goats’. Not long after the film Steven said he wasn’t feeling well, so I offered to take him home, rather than let him ride his bike home.

Steve had told me earlier on that Kai (my Grandson – Amy son) wasn’t well at the weekend and was sick! Whatever it is, I hope it isn’t contagious. When I dropped Steven off at his house and go the bicycle out of the back – he immediately started to be sick. Not a pretty site, I can tell you!!.

Charito is worried that I might catch it (as am I) but I’m hoping it was just a coincidence that Kai and Steven were ill in the same week.  Optimistic maybe! Charito is paranoid about keeping everything clean so I don’t come down with any illness and trying to keep as many germs away. This morning she told me off for sitting in the chair that Steven had sat in as he may have breathed germs on it and she hadn’t cleaned it yet. At least I have a good carer who makes sure that I’m well looked after.

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  1. Yes my love .I' m always worry about you forever, SI TE AMO MUCHISIMO POR SIEMPRE Y DIOS
    te ama mucho tambien my love , todo los dias rezo por ti para q DIOS siempre te cuide y cure my love porq tu eres lo mejorq tengo en la vida.
    Que DIOS te bendiga mucho.I love you lots.Charito.