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Monday, 24 May 2010

Monkey hands and Chemo

Yesterday (Sunday) I had to take some tablets in preparation of my Chemo today. Ondansetron which is the anti-sickness and Allopurinol which is to prevent Gout (apparently the other drugs cause this!). I only had to take one tablet of each in the morning. As the day went on the rash started to appear again and my hands swelled up as before so they were all chubby like monkey hands. The rash was all over my Chester as well which confirmed for me that it wasn’t just a bit of sun burn on my arms, which is what I thought at first. I didn’t get much sleep last night as it was so uncomfortable.

I was supposed to take more of the same tablets today before going to the hospital for my Chemo, but I waited until I spoke to Edwina my Bone Marrow Transplant Coordinator at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. I left her a message explaining that I had come out in the rash, which means that the Allopurinol was the culprit last time and I wanted to know if I could skip taking that and also take some antihistamine tablets to reduce the swelling. She called back about 10 minutes later and said that was ok.

I arrived at Liverpool at about 11:45. The staff are just as nice as they are in Chester and in fact they have better facilities, they have a little kitchen area for visitors where they can help themselves to hot drinks – which of course I made good use of.

I had the cannula attached and then had the following drips.

Saline – 5 mins
Mesna – 15 mins
Saline  - 5 mins
Cyclophosphomide – 2 hrs
Saline – 5 mins
Mesna – 15 mins
Saline – 5 mins

I was finally finished and left the hospital at about 4:25pm

I have to take Mesna tablets, which is another anti-sickness 3 and 6 hours after finishing the last mesna so I have to take them at 7:20 and 10:20pm.

Then tomorrow back to the ondansetron.

I feel ok at the moment 6:41pm and will see how it goes later on and tomorrow.