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Thursday, 27 May 2010

How it is going

Well after having my intravenous cyclophosphamide (Chemo) on Monday, I seem to be coping ok. I’ve had trouble sleeping and sweating in the night (not sure if that do with the weather as well though). I have had pains in my stomach and feeling cold during the day. I thought maybe it was the weather again, but other people said it wasn’t cold. I kept checking my temperature just in case, but it was fine.

Last night I managed to sleep ok and I feel a bit better today. I had a hospital appointment yesterday to check my bloods and that was all ok. Picked up my prescription for Bonefos from the chemist and have to go the hospital again later on for my Pentamidine which should take about an hour. My next check/appointment at Chester hospital has been arranged for September everything else from now on will be done in Liverpool although they will be arranging for some things to be done in Chester for me, such as the Pentamidine that I have each month.

I start my Growth factor injections tomorrow. I have to inject myself twice simultaneously. This will start to force the marrow out of my bones and into my blood stream. I’ve been told that will be be painful as the process goes on. I will be injecting myself daily until Tuesday when I go back to Liverpool to see if enough bone marrow is in my blood stream to be extracted, if not, then I will keep injecting myself on a daily basis and returning to Liverpool to be monitored until there are enough.

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  1. My love gracias a DIOS EL te va curar my love lo siento el es el todo poderoso el es el
    doctor el es todo nuestro padre my love , yo se
    que tu lo vas a voelr amar a EL si todo va salir bien el teva curar my love y siempre va
    estar atu lado , que DIOS te bendiga siempre.
    I love lots you and forever. CHARITO.