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Friday, 28 May 2010

G-Factor a bit like the X-Factor but the only winner is me


I had my first two Growth Factor (G-Factor) injections this morning for some reason they hurt more than the Tinzaparin, not that I think the needle is bigger or wider, but maybe my skin is a bit more sensitive. I had a couple of attempts of jabbing myself on the right side before finally getting it in on my left. I have to have two injections a day to start to increase the bone marrow so that it is forced out of my bones into my blood stream. As the more bone marrow is produced, so will the pain in my joints. So I’m not sure how much pain I will be in by the time Tuesday comes.

I didn’t sleep well again last night, if at all. I got up at about 2am as I couldn’t sleep and watched tv and a film before going back to bed at 6:30. Then I was woken up again by the alarm for Charito to go to work. I’m going to try and get some sleep this afternoon for a few hours as I’m totally shattered.


  1. Sean, good luck with your G-Factor injections, hope it does its job, and you get through this part of your treatment without too much stress.

    Enjoy catching up with you on your blog...thanks.

    Love Sonja x

  2. GRACIAS DIOS , por todo lo q haces por my SEAN,
    Te amo muchisimo DIOS , my Sean tambien te ama
    lose terco pero te ama, gracias por todo, yo siento q tu lo vasa curar se vienen cosas fuertes pero todo por su bien , millones de
    gracias PADRE MIO. Que DIOS te bendiga siempre y q te cuide siempre si.I love you lots forever.