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Monday, 10 May 2010

How I’m feeling

Steven keeps telling me that him visiting each week is good for me. I’m not so sure that coping with him and my treatment is doing me any good!!!

This is a picture that Steven took of me today – Surely this isn’t normal!



  1. I like the picture, It's nice, me encanta tus ojos son preciosos my love , si tu te cientes muy feliz con tu hijo alado , y me siento contenta por eso, y pronto vas a sanarte my love solo esperar la volunta de DIOS yo se q el te va curar si my love , nosotros tenemos que
    tener mucha FE si.Que DIOS te bendiga. I love you lost forever.Charito.

  2. Haha. Methinks somebody might be getting bored...

  3. i think this is what happens when u spend to much time in photo shop lol

  4. one eye on what ur doing and one on the layers to make shore thats its on the right layer