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Friday, 30 April 2010



I’m enjoying Steven coming around each week. He helps around the house when I need little jobs doing and he seems to be enjoying learning about the photography with me. Sometimes I get him doing so much there needs to be more than one of him.


  1. i like that one its well good thinking about it i should have done the 3 wise monkeys

  2. I like this photo the middle one is best or is it the left or right one. :) cj

  3. Triplets now thats a scary thought? Nigel

  4. Hi. I have tried several times to comment in the past but without success, if this works it will be thanks to carol's help. Your photo's are excellent and it's great that Ste is able to assist you in various ways. Just in case he forgot to tell you, I have a RAW file converter program on my camera CD. It may work with your camera too, tho it's for a different make of camera!

    We are still unable to visit because of a suspected virus, it's been so long now I am going for an X Ray tomorrow just to be sure nothing more sinister is developing.

    C u eventually BillJ

  5. I like the pictures, me gusta mucho las fotos , steve es guapo pero.... jijijijij Gracias a DIOS estas tranquilo ,EL siempre esta atu lado protegiendote mucho y cuidandote siempre DIOS te
    ama mucho nos ama mucho, bueno q DIOS te bendiga
    siempre. I love you lots and lots .Charito.