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Friday, 30 April 2010

Pentamidine time again

I went to the hospital yesterday for my monthly pentamidine. One of the disadvantages (sort of) of stopping the my medication in preparation for the stem cell transplant is that my taste is working again. Which is really good news, most of the time. It just isn’t good when I have to have the pentamidine! It really is yucky!

The first time they set up the nebuliser it wasn’t working properly. I have Ventolin first to open up my airways, but it was coming through the properly. After replacing the bit where the liquid goes into (not sure what the proper name of it is called) and throwing away the old one and the ventolin, everything seems to work ok.

Once I have used up the Ventolin I then went onto the Pentamidine. The usual small room and doors closed without anyone allowed to enter why I am taking it was carried out. I have a cup of water to help take the taste away and the burning of the back of the throat. I have to take this for a few months after my transplant as well.

It’s one of those things that tastes horrible, but worth taking. I’d rather put up with the taste than suffer with Pneumonia.

At least with my taste working again I can taste Charitos lovely Peruvian food again. MMmmmm lomo saltado y estafaldo con pollo.