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Friday, 9 April 2010

A Catch-up

I’ve not written anything for a while, so I thought I would give a quick catch up of this weeks events, before the week is over.

We went to Nigel’s house (my brother), over Easter. I was hoping to have three good days, but unfortunately I was rather tired on one of them and got exhausted quite quickly. We did have a good time though and we managed to go to the pictures to see Kick-Ass. It isn’t really a young kids film as there is lots of violence and swearing in it. We enjoyed it though and funny as well.

I’ve been to Chester hospital this week as well and confirmed which tablets to stop and which to continue. The only tablets I am taking now is my bonefos in the evenings. These are the ones I have to take for the rest of my life to strengthen my bones as much as possible. I still have to take the pentamidine on the nebuliser every month and will continue to do so for three months after the transplant as well. Yesterday was my first day with any medication and without having to inject myself as well. My side should get better now as they are black and blue with having to inject myself everyday for the last five months.

I went to bed last night but couldn’t sleep I went back to bed at 5am but still couldn’t sleep, so I haven’t been to sleep all night. I will no doubt fall asleep later on today. That’s probably caused by not having the tablets at night I’m sure they will be other effects as well as it is a bit like going cold turkey from having all sorts of drugs in my system to suddenly having none!

Charito and I have been to the opticians and had our eyes tested. We both use glasses for reading and noticed our eyes getting worse. I wanted to get a test and new glasses before going into hospital for a month as I will be doing a lot of reading as there wont be much else I can do. So we picked up a new pair of glasses each yesterday and another pair in a week or so. They make such a difference. My last ones I could read and see the TV in them, but these one I can only read in them, the TV and anything further than arms length is blurred.

Lets hope the sun stays out – that alone makes me feel better, rather than the miserable cold and rain.

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