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Friday, 10 December 2010

Stalking is an art

I met up with my younger brother Nick today. He asked if I wanted to meet up for a coffee, something that I would never refuse if I can help it. So we went into Chester and he bought me a coffee and granola bar. Afterwards I went took a slow stroll over to Chester castle to take some pictures of the so called Chester Eye (looks remarkably like an elaborate big wheel to me).

chester eye

 centre of chester eye

After taking a few shots I walked back to the car. On the way I saw Nick walking down the street; he didn’t see me, so I though, as I have the camera out still I would take some candid shots of him without him knowing. I quickly took a few snaps that didn’t come out as I didn’t have time to set the camera onto the correct settings. So though I would follow him. Now keep in mind that he is taller than me and walks at a pace that I would have called running even when I was well. There was just no way I was going to catch up with him. I lost him as he sped off up the road but with a bit of deduction I worked out that there wasn’t many places he was likely to have gone and decided that Tesco in Frodsham street was my best bet.  I wondered around the shop, camera around my neck in the hope that I would be able to sneak up on him and take some pictures without him knowing. I gave up in the end and decided he must have gone somewhere else so was just about to walk out of the shop when I gave one final glance at the tills again. Aha! there he was about 6 tills up. So I walked within a safe distance, lined up the camera and took a quick shot. An elderly woman standing next to me said ‘I hope your not taking photos of me!’ – No I’m taking ……. just then the security guard in Tesco came up to me and said ‘sorry to be a stickler but you can’t take photos in here’. I couldn’t be bothered to try and explain and just said ‘OK’.

Walked over to Nick and told him I just got told off – He was a bit surprised to see me. I showed him the blurred shots and the final one. Secretly I think he enjoyed having a stalker.

nick in tesco


  1. it's true i did

  2. I walked over to nick to in Argos asking if he was always so rude but it was not him how much of a tit did I feel renege jo x