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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Derk-Jan makes me laugh!

On my last post to the blog (the one about the things I learned today) a comment has been left by Derk Jan, letting me know how he loves my writing. I’ve just popped over his blog and couldn’t stop laughing. I think he has the same sense of humour as me (poor guy). He has numerous quotes and sayings on his blog. If your feeling down and fancy a laugh go take a peek.

Derk-Jan is a young guy who has Cancer but describes himself as a random idiot (he should fit in ok here then!)

Derk-Jan blog can be found at

Oh and thanks for your comment Derk-Jan it’s nice to know people are actually reading and enjoying my ramblings and it’s great to know guys like you who have a sense of humour and have a good attitude to life.