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Friday, 3 December 2010

Poladroid Pictures

No I haven’t spelt it wrong! Who remembers Polaroid Photos, well now you can bring back all the memories of waving you photos about and the anticipation of the images appearing in front of your eyes.

Polaroid is a bit a of software that is free to download both for Mac and Pcs. You drag and drop your square images (you will need to crop them in your favourite image editor) onto the Poladoid and then sit back and watch as it take a few seconds to spit the image out of the camera. Photo will be on your desktop to watch it develop gradually on your screen. You can of course speed it up by shaking your image (ahh the memories).

There is a Flickr group dedicated to Poladroid where you can drop your daily poladroid image. Why not create a story using poladroid pictures.

You can can download Poladroid at  they only thing you don’t get with the software is the smell of photo developing …. don’t you just love the smell of Poladroid in the morning!

Here are a few of mine from this morning.

Poladroid_101203_0002-pola Poladroid_101203_0003-pola Poladroid_101203_0005-pola _MG_9688-pola _MG_9690-pola