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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Happy Birthday to me.

birthday cake 45_500Yesterday was my (real) birthday. I’ve managed to make it to 45 whoo hoo, maybe I shouldn’t shout too loud. My myeloma birthday is on the 26 August, that’s when I had my transplant.

Charito bought me a new lens for my camera (I love her more everyday…. is love measured by the size of your lens! don’t answer that, unless it is in a sealed envelope with £20 enclosed).

I’m not really one for celebrating birthdays at the best of times, but it was lovely to see my daughter and the Grandchildren. They came over and gave me a lovely present (which I will take some photos of when I have built it, you will have to wait to see what it is). They also bought me a cake with some candles, so it was like a real birthday party but without the jelly and ice cream (mmmmm ice cream).

I haven’t really got used to my new lens yet, but I can see the potential and the difference it makes already.

I’m suffering at the  moment as I think lots of people are with a sore throat, cough and cold. I’m managing ok at the moment although with going to work as well it is really taking it out of me and I still have to have a sleep when I get home. As I’m not on my septrin at the moment, if I think it is getting on my chest I will go straight to the docs – I don’t want to get pneumonia or pleurisy again.

I’m looking forward to the Christmas break and hopefully being relatively ok. I normally have a cold or flu or like last year recently diagnosed with Cancer so this year I’m hoping I will have an enjoyable day.

Here are a few of the shots I took yesterday. The one with the candles Amy took in point and shoot auto mode, once I taught her which button to press!