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Friday, 5 November 2010

One year on

It is exactly one year since I found out I have Myeloma – time flies.

Most of the year I’ve been having Chemo in some form or other, 7 months in tablet form and a month in hospital with high dose for my stem cell transplant.

How am I doing? Well my last blood test that I had at Liverpool, the results came back ok. Although I was on the day ward as it was supposed to be quicker, turned out to be a much longer wait. Never mind I don’t have to go back there again so it wont happen again. My next appointment is in January at Chester hospital. I wont know until then if the transplant has done what it has supposed to i.e. my paraprotein levels should now be really low and stay low (the paraprotein is the bad stuff in the blood that I don’t want any of). So a nervous wait until then.

I’m waiting to hear back from the HR department at work who are arranging a meeting with my boss or bosses! I’m very  apprehensive about going back and get stressed even thinking about it. Is this the right time to go back ….not sure but I have to try, not the least because I need to start earning some money again; either that or win the lottery!


Myeloma Buddies

These are the myeloma buddies that I received from Paula with a congratulations card. I won these by correctly identifying her auntie Ann in a photograph. The card reads…


Who would have thought congratulations had so many letters, not me! It’s a good job I didn’t do a smaller card. Anyhoo, even though Saints lost you get two buddies. Hope you like them Paula xmyeloma-buddies-2

Although you can’t tell from the picture, the letters are made up of plastic buttons with letters on them. The little note around the coloured buddy says: Since you recognise me from the knitting needles last Friday, you  get another Buddy too!  as Paula says the other Friday when I bumped into her in Phlebotomy waiting to have her blood taken she was knitting something multicoloured, which happened to be my buddy. I nearly didn’t notice Paula as she now has hair! The Buddies have pride of place on the shelf next to me and may be appearing in future photo shoots .


  1. Ha ha a nice keepsake. As for work I think it's too soon But I understand money needs. Don't Benifits pay the mortage for a certain amount of time, they use too. The poor can't afford to be ill. Hope all goes well for you health wise and Work. Carol

  2. Si my love 1 ano ya que tienes multriple maloma, pero nuestro DIOS te va curar todo vaser igual my love no te preocupes DIOS
    siempre esta connosotros my amor ,tampoco no te preocupes por tu trbajo q todo vair bien porq faltaq te aciendad my love seria maravilloso si y seria para ti entretenido tu trabajo y te va gustar solo hay q esperar my amor espera si NUESTRO PADRE VENDITO NO VA AYUDAR SI, GRACIAS PADRE MIO POR TODO , my
    Sean I love you lots and lots and forever. Charito.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Here's to many, many more! :D

    I think it would be roughly the same amount of time until I went back but three or four days with my day's off being to lunch and yoga or the Royal and lunch! Even though it's just typing in the back bedroom it did take it out of me and I'm probably only now back to being full of beans most of the time! And catching up on my blog reading.

    But it's good to get back to being productive (not I didn't the the n word - normal)! ;D