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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Portrait examples

OK, I now know that the family has viewed the images so below are some examples from the shoot. All images are with the families permission.

I’ve included examples of the various different styles Using highkey (white background) and lowkey (you’ve guessed it using black background) Some have saturated colours and I've used high tones and contrast, which I think really makes the images stand out.

Hope you like them.

Lilly Lilly Lilly

Sophie Sophie Ruth and Sophie Sophie

Brian and Sophie  Ruth and Brian

 Lilly Sohpie


If you like them and would like some of your own, just fill in my online google form and I will be in touch.


  1. What a good looking family lol!! For anyone looking at the photos I can promise you these are just a highlight the rest are just as brilliant, we have used many photographers over the years but I can promise you we wont be using any other one again!
    thanks again Sean we love them
    Love Miles Family

  2. Sean you have done very well with your photo's cj

  3. A friend was given some pics of her grandchildren and wasn't that impressed because they looked really posed and the children looked devoid of their usual personalities kinda factory processed but these are great - not like that at all! :D

  4. Si my vida eres el mejor fotografo , me encanta muchos tus fotos me siento orgullosa
    de tus fotos , eres muy inteligente my love por eso siempre tenemos q agradecer a DIOS por
    todo lo q esta aciendo por ti si my love el te
    esta currando yte va curar y siempre va estar con nosotros si, I love you lots and lots.Charito.

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