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Friday, 26 November 2010




This morning when Charito was getting up for work I asked her if she wanted me to give her a lift in, rather than her riding her bike to work as it was very cold and icy out. She said no at a first, but after me asking a few times ‘are you sure’ she gave in and let me take her. It’s about 5.5 miles in the car, i’m not sure on the cycle lane which is just be our house and leads all the way to Charitos work.

Anyway I went out first and waited in the car, started the engine and waited for the ice to melt. It hadn’t quite melted when Charito came out so she scraped the side windows and finished off the windscreen.

Dropped her off at about 7:10am and set off home. When I arrived I went to get the house keys out of the cup holder and they weren’t there. Charito still had them!  We normally use my keys to lock the door and when Charito gets in the car in the morning she either gives them to me in my hand or puts them in the cup holder. As she went straight to the boot to get the scraper when she came out, she put the keys in her pocket, where they stayed!

So … I called her to let her know, some how it was my fault for not getting the keys off her!

We now have a new rule I take my own keys and she has to go to the trouble of finding her keys at the bottom of her back. Which should be too hard as she has about three keys on her key ring and around 30 key rings.

It wont happen again …. mind you I said that last time!!!!

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