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Wednesday, 20 October 2010



I went into to work on Monday to see HR and to talk about a plan for returning to work. At the moment I’m planning to go back in December part time and then January full time, but this depends on how my bloods are doing. I’m back in Liverpool on the 28th and I should know more by then.

It was strange going back in, lots of new face and lots of people have left (no change there). Getting my head into work mode is going to be quite difficult. I’m not sure where I will fit in anymore as things have changed, but I’m sure there will be plenty of problems for me to sort out once I have settled back in.




  1. My love no te preocupes mucho porq DIOS va estar contigo en el trabajo y todo va estar bien
    el siempre te cuida mucho porq te ama mucho nos ama GRACIAS PADREO MIO POR ESTAR A NUESTRO LADO.
    asi qva estar en tu escritorio cuidantode dandote mas inteligencia y fuerza para q puedas trbajar bien si,GRACIAS PADRE MIO.
    I love you lots forever. Charito.

  2. I hope that bird had read the sign! ;D