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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Apparently I’m Degenerate

Well I didn’t need a doctor to tell me I’m old, but apparently after they had reviewed my X-Rays from last Friday, I have ‘mild degenerative osteophytosis’ with disc height reduction. No bony lesions which could cause possible nerve infringement on C4/C5. It’s quite normal for people over 60 to start to get osteophytes, it’s a shame that I’m 44, but hey I don’t like to be norm.  The doctor mentioned that at this stage they wouldn’t consider operating….. good job! but will need to wait to see what the MRI scan shows. The doctor said that I was just a pain in the neck, or something like that. …… seriously she did.

I was a little confused at my appointment on Friday, I got there at about 9am and there wasn’t a much of queue to have my blood taken, so I was in the G-Clinic by 9:15. After waiting an hour one of the nurses said you have been here a while and you bloods aren’t back yet, what time was your appointment. I wasn’t sure, but thought it was about 9:30. She asked at reception and she said it wasn’t until 10:40. I didn’t remember that being on the appointment, but could be wrong. Anyway my bloods arrived back within the next few minutes and Gillian called me in a few minutes after that. (they did ask me what the doctors name was, but I only know her first name). When I got home there were some letters for me, one of them was my appointment, which told me that I had an appointment that day at 10:40. So it wasn’t my memory that was failing, it was the fact I never received the appointment.

Apart from my arm, everything else is ok and my bloods are looking good. I was told that if it wasn’t for my arm, they would be referring me back to Chester, at the moment though I would need to wait for the MRI, which she would chase up for me. My next appointment has been made in two weeks time rather than next week, so I have a week off … or so I thought.

This morning (Saturday) I received I received another appointment through from Liverpool, this time for my MRI scan which will be on Monday morning.

On another point, I’m going to be back on the Septrin again, starting from a week Monday as she wants me to try and get off the Pentamidine.

So at the moment I’m still on the pain killers and have now got into the routine of taking certain ones during the day and another mix at night which gives me about 6 hours sleep during the night. I do have a sleep during the day if I get too tired. I’m hoping that after the MRI I can start to get some treatment, probably physio and finally get it sorted.

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  1. Why is it that pain always seems worse in the night? It's not, necessarily, but I think it's because you KNOW you should be having a peaceful night's sleep and your not! Not happy with one old person's ailment* you get two! You're just greedy! :D

    *Ailment - I don't know where that comes from originally but doesn't it sound minor and non life threatening like aches and pains? I'm gonna use that from now on - 'I have an ailment called multiple myeloma'.