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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Prep for Hickman Line

I didn’t get much sleep last night – with it being a strange room and noises bleeping and air con etc. I must remember to ask for an extra pillow tonight as well as the two I have are about as thick as one of my pillows at home when combined.

I’m having my Hickman line put into this morning at about 10am so I’m not able to eat anything after for a couple of hours prior. They asked me yesterday if I wanted to be woken up early to have a light breakfast, which I said yes too. It would be about 6:30am or 7am, which is fine as I am usually up by that time anyway. Sure enough 6:30 a nurse called Rachel came in and explained what was happening today and asked what I wanted for breakfast (I chose cornflakes, I know I like to push the boat out a bit when staying away!).

She gave me some soap that I’m to wash and shower with while I’m here and to make sure that I wash my chest with it prio to the Hickman line going in. I wasn’t sure what the process was for having one of these fitted so I asked Rachel to explain. First washing with the soap provided then putting one of the fancy hospital gowns on. Fortunately for them I’m allowed to wear underwear otherwise everyone would see my hairy bum (I wonder if I will lose my hair off my bum!), anyway …. I will be taken downstairs by a porter to somewhere where they do these type of mini procedures. Local anaesthetic and they will then insert the line near one of my collar bones which will lead just under my skin to my chest. It might be a bit uncomfortable while they push and shove the line in but bearable (good job). It’s normal apparently for it to bleed a little at first and they will just put another dressing over it and then change it tomorrow once it has settled down.

I should be changing rooms later on today at some point as well (fingers crossed) so I can unpack my things and settle in properly.


  1. Chris & Jodie Sanderson24 August 2010 at 18:15

    Your very brave and still looking on the brightside. Both thinking of you x

  2. I had three pillows and two blankets! I didn't get any special soap - maybe that's to make up for housekeeping not sorting the room.

    Isn't Rachel just lovely! That was a statement rather than a question obviously.